In this course, you will explore examples of symphonic programme music from the 19th and 20th centuries, learning about how different composers used the orchestra a variety of musical techniques.

You can find information and guidance for the Film Music topic on the GCSE syllabus here.

In this topic we take a look at a few characteristics of jazz music, with our focus being on the art of improvisation. 

Welcome to year 8 music.  During year 8 we start to build on the skills developed in year 7, and turn our focus toward a variety of styles and features of music.

In this course you will be selecting and practising a performance piece, in conjunction with your instrumental/singing teacher. After this has been worked on and recorded, you will individually compose a piece for your instrument that uses some of the techniques found in your performance piece.

This section contains information and activities relating to the topics from areas of study 2, 3 and 4.  You will be using this for some homeworks, to catch up work from lessons you have missed and for revision for mock and real listening papers.